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Welcome to the kanoa user documentation. In this section, we provide a overview of our products along with some links to key areas of our documentation. We have provded a comments area at the bottom of each page, the intent of which is to allow you to help us improve our documentation along with our products.

What is Kanoa MES?

Kanoa MES is a suite of smart manufacturing tools powered by Inductive Automation's Ignition platform. Kanoa's solutions are designed to provide your factory with new production management, analysis, and control tools that provide value from day 1 and continue to grow with your team and your business.


What We Are Not

  • A closed, proprietary solution with an egregious licensing model that can only be configured up to a certain point, and then forces you to change the way you do business or throw your investment away.
  • A set of tools that leave you pretty much building a custom MES solution that is hard to support.

What We Are

  • A highly flexible and customizable MES solution that works well with all your existing systems regardless of what they are. How so? We built our solution on top of Ignition. Ignition provides all the tools necessary to connect to any type of data source and provides a development enviroment that allows you to easily customize the MES application to suit your needs.

Kanoa MES consists of the following parts...

  • kanoaCore, kanoaOPS and kanoaQDS modules
  • Kanoa MES Projects for Ignition
  • Kanoa MES database


Kanoa Ops provides the key elements required for the organization and execution of day to day manufacturing operations. Define your plant assets, products and materials, schedule operations, operators and shifts, execute production orders, code downtime events and analyze performance, OEE, and downtime to provide production insights and analytics, all from one application.

Kanoa Ops includes the following features out-of-the-box:

  • Work Order Management
  • Product Management
  • Operations Scheduling with recurrence rule support and auto-scheduling
  • Shift Scheduling with support for complex shift rotation patterns
  • Production Analytics including OEE
  • Web based mobile responsive application
  • Themes support
  • Language support (English, German, French, Italian, Korean, Chinese already provided)
  • MQTT data transfer between edge devices and MES Server utilizing built-in store and forward capability for a robust network solution.


Kanoa Quality provides a comprehensive digital system for managing manufacturing quality. Users can create check sheets that describe all of the quality checks that may be required at any point in the manufacturing process. These check sheets can be scheduled based on manufacturing operating conditions like product changeovers, shift changes, machine mode changes, or timed intervals, or triggered by asset events such as alarms, counts, or runtime. When a quality check is scheduled to be executed, the checks are presented to the operator with instructions, so they can enter quality data manually and validate any automatically collected data.

Quality engineers get a holistic view of all the quality checks that are pending, due, in-progress, complete, or late; so they can take action to make sure tests are getting done. Kanoa Quality also provides analytics on both the adherence of quality checks being taen on time and the data collected by those checks.

Kanoa Quality provides the following:

  • Environmental, Safety, Operations and Product Quality Management
  • Ability to create quality checks
  • Automatic scheduling of quality checks
  • Provides procedures and instructions for taking quality checks
  • Storage and data management of quality check data
  • Analytics and third-part audit reporting
  • Management of product and manufacturing process tolerances
  • Alarming and email notification on failed checks

Startup Guide

New to Kanoa? This guide will show you how to get KanoaMES up and running at your factory.

System Architectures

Clearly an MES implementation for a multi-site / multi-asset company is going to call for a slightly different architecture than for a company with a single production line. System constraints and requirements are also going to dictate what that architecture looks like. Check out our architecture page for information on all the options available and what we recommend.

System Functions

Want more help on our system functions? You'll find all of them documented in the appendix along with examples.

Want to join us s a partner? Our partner program welcomes systems integrators who actively use and improve our product offering. Our partners create a network of technologies, thought leaders, and solution providers to solve any manufacturing challenge. For more information on joining us, visit our Friends Of Kanoa page.